Good Friday Reflection: Behold the Man

Don’t ask too many questions, if you please
We want to save you the hassle, save you the guilt
There is just something that needs to be done
And you are our teeth.


Ever since the teeth of the lion devoured in our peaceful streets
Ravaging our peace, dismantling our shalom
You have been our arm of justice since the days of our fathers
You are our teeth. 


This one favor, please.


How happy we are to have you as lord protector of our sons- and what blessing has 
fallen on you to rule a people of service?
Question the sinner and judge for yourself which rouge threatens our lives
A worthless swindler or a man who claims to be divine- we trust to your care-
For you are our teeth.


Take him away and have him whipped if you must
We have done our best to care for the mentally ill but the time has come
To give up all hope- make him an example to our sons and daughters!
For you are our teeth.


We ask so little. This one favor, please. Crucify. Oh, Crucify.


Please do not make an indelible scene from this unfortunate day
Our charges are just although they may be hidden from your gaze
We hold you in no fault for you cannot know- you have one charge
Be our teeth. 


Is this not enough, old friend?


We ask you, beg you on our knees, do not keep us from the service we long to give
To the state, to our leader whom God the Almighty has appointed
We have so little in common but we share one great Lord.
Be our teeth. 
Is it only prophets and preachers through him the word of the Lord comes?
He spoke through the mouth of an ass once and now again. 
Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews. In all tongues at all times. 


The lips covering the Lion’s teeth were closed for us.
Behold the man.

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