God was one of us.

In a decision that will no doubt shock you beyond your reasoning capacity, I thought it would be a good idea to start out the larger conversation of the Manhood of God with a little ditty from Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Enjoy:

The quest for the superman, the endeavor to outgrow the man within the man, the pursuit of the heroic, the cult of the demigod, all this is not the proper concern of man, for it is untrue. The real man is not an object of either contempt or deification, but an object of the love of God…The real man is at liberty to be his Creator’s creature. To be conformed with the Incarnate is to have the right to be the man one really is. Now there is no more pretence, no more hypocrisy or self-violence, no more compulsion to be something other, better and more ideal that what one is. God loves the real man. God became a real man.

2 responses to “God was one of us.”

  1. Awesome… we are truly blessed that God saw fit to preserve the writings of Bonhoeffer for our gain. He is one of my favorite heroes of the faith. Thoroughly enamored by Metaxas’ account of his life. Thanks for a great site and quote.

    1. Absolutely agree! Metaxas’ book was stellar as well. Bonhoeffer’s story is encouraging to me everyday!

      Also, I did a little review of said book here: http://m.relevantmagazine.com/culture/books/reviews/24907-bonhoeffer-pastor-martyr-prophet-spy

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