Some thoughts on Amy Winehouse

As somebody who has spent a lot of time with men and women who are addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, relationships, eating and cutting, the news that broke this afternoon really hit home. It really did not have to end like this for Amy. I am thinking right now about my friend Tina, whose own drug addiction raged on until Jesus broke into her life. It is hard to imagine her in the throes of her addiction. Life with Jesus is changing her. Life with Jesus could really have changed Amy too.

As a music junkie, the news also hit home for me. I don’t own Back to Black but I’ve heard most of the songs off that one. She had all the talent in the world. Her voice was beautiful. Her experiences were real. Her words were honest. She died today at 27, my age. Jimi Hendrix was 27 when he died too. Sleeping pills did him in after a lifelong addiction to Heroin.

Janis Joplin was also 27 when she died. I guess she is the more obvious relation to Amy Winehouse. Heroin got to her and it looks like crack got to Amy but who knows yet. One way or another we lost both of them way too early. Like I said, Tina’s story is a constant testimony that Janis and Amy could have been changed by hanging out with Jesus.

I wonder what Amy would have looked like if she would have met Jesus like the woman at the well in John’s retelling. Here was a woman a lot like Amy and Jesus knew her fully. And loved her dearly. He knew she slept around. He knew she was a user. He knew she had turned her back on his Father. But he came to seek and save the lost. He came to save sinners like the woman at the well. Like my friend Tina. Like Amy. Like you and like me.

Amy didn’t need rehab so much as she needed to know that Jesus wanted to be her friend. He would bring her to sanity but she had to trust him. The same goes for the rest of us. And all the other Amy Winehouses out there. Jesus meets us today and offers the friendship of the Almighty.

Will we run away and hide or run away and tell others about the great change his simple love has made in our lives?

6 responses to “Some thoughts on Amy Winehouse”

  1. I had not made the connection on the erie age thing, but I was sad this morning thinking how different things could have been for her. She obviously tried rehab a few times. I wonder if a Christ-centered approach would have helped her deal with the ache of her soul in healthy instead of unhealthy ways.

    Thanks for your post! Love you brother!

    1. Ya Tray, thanks for chiming in! Brings us back to person, not method, right?

  2. Tony Teichmiller Avatar
    Tony Teichmiller

    Very well written, my friend. Love you brother. So does Jesus. Ain’t that cool? Come see me. Keep fightin’ the good fight. 1 Cor 15:57-58

    1. Thanks Tony! Love you too bro. You gonna be around Tuesday lunch?

  3. Tony Teichmiller Avatar
    Tony Teichmiller

    Actually leaving for Disney World today w Amy and the four children! Will get together when I get back! Love the “complaining” entry also. We are incredibly spoiled in this country and venture to say we probably whine and complain the most!

    1. Absolutely! Nobody whines better than us! Have fun down there, I’ll do my best to come up there in the next week or two.

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