Martin Luther, Repentance, Theses and Life

It was nearly 400 years ago now that a brash, brave young monk made a public declaration that the church needed to have a conversation. The pope was selling salvation. The priests were exploiting their flocks. The people were cowering in fear. Luther had finally come to a breaking point and he had one message: Repent.

Today will we repent from self-righteously judging our neighbors? Today will we make a clean break from our self-dependence? Today will we trust our whole lives over to the will of our good Father? Today will we come home? Today is a gift. It is a gift to tell those of us who will listen that there is life in repentance. There is a God who is for us.

Happy Reformation Day.

2 responses to “Martin Luther, Repentance, Theses and Life”

  1. Brother, you left a brief comment on my blog post today, and so I came over here to see who you are. It looks like you and me are somewhere together, since we both revere, learn from and seek to imitate two of the greatest Church Fathers the Western Church has produced, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther. As a new Christian thirty-six years ago, I was avidly reading my Jerusalem Bible daily and by the hour, and finding time to immerse myself in Cost of Discipleship and Luther’s Three Treatises (the old Fortress paperback, which I still read often). Although I am a member of the Orthodox Church, I don’t recognize confessional divisions: There is only one Church, and I am glad that we are in it together. I’m going to add a link to your blog into my sidebar at my CoD blog, so I can come back here and visit. Thanks for visiting me at mine. God grant you many years.

    1. Great to hear from you! I really appreciated that post and I look forward to reading more in the future! Your story is intriguing to me and I am glad you are sharing it. I’m glad we’re in it together too, brother!

      In Christ,


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