Reflections on Psalm 32

You will instruct me?
You have all knowledge, which is to state the obvious
You have created all there is to be known
Your word made heaven and earth in a tone
You alone are knowledge, wisdom, beauty and truth

You will teach me in the way I should go?
You have laid out each of my mundane steps long ago
How can you be disappointed with my path?
Do my circumstances only chill my soul to the bone, and not yours?
Each day is a gift and a lesson from the master.

You will counsel me?
But I am so often like a mule, a horse, or better, an ass
My ears are slow and my tongue is quick
My heart is hard, as well as my head
Speak soft and low to me, train me, break me.

Your eye will be upon me?
But what of when my eye looks away?
You must know who I am, truly who I am
Surprise cannot be an attribute of so great a King
Will you call me back once again to yourself?

Be glad O, my soul.
Shout for joy!
God is for me.

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