Reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Freedom and the Gospel

Are you truly free?

This question has been with me all weekend, as I have kept coming back to the very nature of slavery, freedom and covenant. Did Jesus come to live this life for me, die my death for me, raise to new life for me, mediate for me in the presence of God and promise to return just so that I could be freed-from the eternal consequences of my rebellion? Or when he calls me son, does he truly desire that relationship with me? When he calls me brother and you sister, does Jesus love that title? There is more to freedom than a free-pass. Freedom means a new life.


This idea is especially appropriate on Martin Luther King Jr. day. When MLK came around, the African-American population had been “free” for nearly one hundred years. But what had it gained them? Sure, the life of a black man was better in the 1950s than it was in the 1850s, but that did not mean they were truly free. There was a much larger gap between slavery and freedom than we realize. The same goes for us.


Freedom is a life that we must learn to live into. It will take time. It will take struggle. It will take a resolve to suffer. It will take a resolve to stand up and be counted. It will take a deep and abiding vision for the day Dr. King describes, when justice will roll down like many waters and the world will be brought to wholeness. Only then can we know the faint echoes of freedom that lead us onward and upward.


Are you truly free?

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