Some Random Thoughts and a Tease

Yesterday I caught myself up on all those important things I have been missing out on while sipping beer and chugging water on the sunny shores of Mexico with my new wife. You know, important things, like deleting the two hundred ninety-nine useless emails out of my inbox and saving that one useful email, like Jesus rescuing the one sheep. Or catching myself back up on the Giants road to their World Championship, who got the big hits and who made the great plays? These are the important things, or at least I thought. But now Mrs. Hobbs believes I should get back to work, so here I am, writing again.
One of the last things I had to catch up on was the blog. I noticed that a couple of people have ended up in the blogosphere equivalent of limbo, their comments suspended in time, awaiting my approval. Today I decided to send them to the blogsopheere equivalent of hell. I hope nobody was offended. Anyhow, I did notice that one of these poor damned souls had a piece of advice to offer me. Lighten up, he said, wear a bowlers cap and pin a flower on your vest. Maybe somebody could cue me in as to what that means, but I get the point. It was G.K. Chesterton, after all, who said angels fly because they take themselves lightly. I have to say though that dressing like I am on the way to a silent movie is not quite my style.
And I have thought a bit about this writing space over the past few months. The first year of posts has led to a book that I am in the process of shopping around, about fear, freedom, and the God who is for us. The past year has been fun too, but I have found it difficult to write on the run, in the midst of a topsy-turvy time, my books in storage and my mind occupied by higher and sweeter things than I had experienced before. But writing now from home, amongst my books, my wife, and my music, I look forward expectantly to what this next year will bring to this blog. I hope the rest that has this past year has brought will yield good fruit in the coming days.
And as a tease, I would offer a question, dear reader.
What is the relationship between love and hate?
See you soon.

3 responses to “Some Random Thoughts and a Tease”

  1. Hate is the response to broken or twisted or rejected love. it’s not the opposite of love at all. That would be apathy I suppose. I don’t think I hate any people on earth anymore. But when I did, I think I hated a girl who seemed to hate me… It was essentially just a reaction out of my ow insecurity, because I would have liked to be friends. Now I hate the sex trade… and that’s because it’s such an abomination of things that could and should be pure and wonderful. Love makes you vulnerable, sex should be experienced from a pure and safe place to be that vulnerable and intimate. Hate makes you hard, but instead of locking out the impurity and danger, it has a tendency of locking it in.

  2. Love has to do with Hope. Hope (when put in the wrong place) can lead to Disappointment. Disappointment can lead to Hate. [you ask a complicated question and I am not satisfied with my answer]

  3. Thanks for your perspective Catie! It is a question I have been playing with for the past weeks. I especially appreciate your comment on hope. Misplaced hope-disappointment-hate. That sounds like a familiar cycle for sure!

    Looking forward to conversation in the coming days and feel free to disagree or push back! Thats the fun in developing thought!

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