Last Week at the No-Budget Movies

In honor of the Oscars last night, and because we are such high-rollers, my wife and I hacked into her dad’s Netflix account a few times last week. And because I have a blog, I felt it was my civic duty to let you in on the best and worst of February 17-23rd at the Macbook cinema.

For ranking purposes, 4 thumbs is Braveheart good, and 0 thumbs is Encino Man bad.


sendimageThe guy from The Office and the girl from Pirates of the Carribean hang out and fall in love a few days before a meteorite hits the earth. Thankfully, they showed a bit more emotion than the Russian guy this last week. And they fell in love. Which is sweet. Until the world ends in a ball of fire. I think George Orwell wrote this one for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. I hear he was a charmer, after all.

1 1/2 thumbs up.


imagesCANAM1V5Ryan Gosling proves that he can be likeable in any role- except as a crack-smoking teacher. I would highly recommend this one to you if you: a) like depressing movies. Or b) if you are considering smoking crack. I would not, however, recommend this movie to somebody who watches movies to be: a) entertained, or b) inspired.

2 thumbs only because it is a really well-acted movie all the way around.


imagesCAWQXT5BPam, from The Office, plays a lost thirty-something girl who meets a likewise meandering guy who spends his days shoveling elephant manure and his nights standing on stilts as, you guessed it, the aforementioned giant mechanical man. For reasons that are perhaps impossible to put down on paper, this movie is a story about the isolation of the modern world and the courage it takes to trust another.

3 1/2 missing out on a 4 because I already called Braveheart a 4. Compared to any movie other than Braveheart, however, maybe it gets all 4 thumbs. Who can say?

So a quick recap: End of the world=bad. Teachers smoking crack=depressing. Giant mechanical men=heartwarming themes of humanity.

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