Thoughts on the Release of My Book: Trembling Love

The past week has been a whirlwind for me as a writer. I remember just over a week ago telling a new friend about the “book deal” I’ve had in place. Have you ever thought about just how ridiculous that might sound, telling strangers about a book that has– as of then– no physical presence? You can only be as excited as your imagination will let you be. Which is dangerous. then something amazing happened last week. A package arrived for me with two bona fide author’s copies of the book I have given so much time and attention to over the past two years. The book’s life was just beginning.

And then yesterday, something truly amazing happened. My esteemed publisher, Wipf and Stock, has made what started off on this blog a reality.

My book is for sale. 

And so in the past week, a dream of mine has truly become a reality. Today I am feeling thankful.

I am thankful first of all for my amazing wife, Peggy, who has cared for me in a process that required much more attention and honesty than I had anticipated. She has been here for me every step of the way.

I am also thankful for my family– as this book is truly a work born out of my family. I am thankful for my big brother, Dusty, who read the manuscript and lovingly tore it to shreds. The book without him would have amounted to a dream.

And among so much more that I am thankful for, I am thankful for you, the reader. This is truly a venture that only makes sense as I have the support of my community. Thank you for reading.

Now and in the future!


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