Bread, Wine, and Resistance

This past weekend, we entered into an ancient practice of Sabbath. From Friday night to Saturday night, my wife and I simply enjoyed life together.

breadandwineWe turned off our computers and cell phones. We read books. We cooked delicious lamb with garlic and onions. We drank wine even though our budget hardly allows for such excess. And we baked bread (with leaven!), which is technically a no-no, but hey, we’ve gone this long without so much as observing the Sabbath at all, so I think it still counts as a win.

Oh, and at the end of Saturday night, as we sat down for our meal, the snow began to fall. You can call it whatever you want. A weather pattern or global cooling for all I care. What I do know is that the word magical comes to mind.

And then yesterday we woke up and it was no longer Sabbath. The cell phones were re-powered. The computers were cranked back up. Immediately, and with varying degrees of success, we were met with the challenge of staying with the spirit of rest, of delight, and of dependence upon the Divine.

We were also met with Resistance.

War of ArtResistance, according to Steven Pressfield in The War of Art (a book which I’m not sure how I lived this long without reading), is that foe that keeps us from doing the work we were put on this planet to do. Resistance rears its head in relationships in the form of distance, of preoccupation, of distraction. Resistance loves to use fear to keep us from living into the freedom that we were intended to thrive.

And this morning, as I sat down to write, Resistance showed up, as it always does, right on time; whispering lies into my ears. Just do it later. Nobody reads blogs on Monday mornings. Use this time to secure a line of work that is more steady than writing for God’s sake!

So this morning, and later on today, I intend to do my day’s work in spite of Resistance. In my relationships, I’ll fight to be present, available, and curious. In my work, I will show up and say what needs to be said. And today’s battle will be won whether I am a little bit bloodier for the effort or not.

What are the ways Resistance rears its ugly head in your life?
What are you longing to do today that others might just need from you?
How will you stand up to Resistance and live into the freedom God has called you to today?

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