Hope and Dry Bones: A Poem


Today marks the first day of National Poetry Month. And as part of that celebration and as part of an experiment in different genres, I want to offer some of my own poetry this month. I hope you enjoy!



Hope has a first cousin–
or is it a twin–
or is it a doppelganger?
You two look so much alike;
You two were cut from the same cloth.

And as I stand with Ezekiel,
gazing at the dry, dusty death that once bursted with promise,
with anticipation, with delight,
with life,
I can’t help questioning the sanity of hope.

You must be crazy, O voice of the Lord.
You must be teasing with your command.
Out of what once was, nothing can come.
No good, at least!
Did I hear you right?

What is insanity if it is not hope in disguise?
What is impossibility if it is not the outskirts of possibility?
Or am I dreaming?
And if so, what of it?
You are, after all, full of surprises.

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