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“Theology is political language. What people think about God, Jesus Christ, and the church cannot be separated from their own social and political status in a society.” James Cone’s words from 1969 still resonate today. 

The Public Theologians podcast is a conversation with activists, academics, abolitionists and more whose faith compels them to push back against the status quo and work together for a new vision for the future.

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Haeden Wright – Brookwood Miner's Strike Dissident Orthodoxy

Nearly 600 days into coal miners here in Alabama taking a stand for their rights and the wellbeing of their families against the Warrior Met Coal company, the fight continues. Haeden Wright has stepped up as a leading voice within the Brookwood coal mining community. Haeden Wright is UMWA Auxiliary Locals #2368/#2245 President, Alabama SDEC HD 49 Representative, SDEC Executive Board CD #6. She is the wife of a striking miner and comes from a long line of Alabama union coal miners.  More about Brookwood Miner's strike: UMWA Strike Aid Fund UMWA: How private equity firms caused the UMWA strike in Brookwood Haeden interviewed by Kim Kelly Support Dissident Orthodoxy on Patreon and be supporters like Brian, Chris and Ryan! Rate/Review Dissident Orthodoxy on Apple Podcasts Follow Casey's substack
  1. Haeden Wright – Brookwood Miner's Strike
  2. Paul Bowers – Student debt forgiveness
  3. Lauren Turek – Russia, Ukraine and Endless War
  4. Aaron Leonard – The Folk Singers and the FBI
  5. Matt Sutton – The CIA's secret missionary spies
  6. Michael Graziano – Religion as a tool of the CIA
  7. Dean Strang – The FBI has always been anti-labor and anti-left
  8. Peter Cole – Wobblies: solidarity as religion
  9. Stephen Kinzer – MK Ultra, the CIA and LSD
  10. Daniel K Williams – Abortion, Right, Left and the Politics of the Cross

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