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“Theology is political language. What people think about God, Jesus Christ, and the church cannot be separated from their own social and political status in a society.” James Cone wrote these words in 1969 and the words resonate today. 

The Public Theologians podcast is a conversation with activists, academics, abolitionists and more whose faith compels them to push back against the status quo and work together for a new vision for the future.

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Sheila Gregoire – The Great Sex Rescue Public Theologians

Sheila Gregoire, firebrand marriage and sexuality author, researcher and blogger, discusses her latest book The Great Sex Rescue. Based on extensive surveys with 20,000 women the book explores the causes of the 47% orgasm gap between men and women. Sheila and her team analyzed the messages of best selling Evangelical books on marriage and sexuality, to dig down into the harmful effects of hearing and believing nonsense like Every Man's Battle and Love and Respect in the lives. Along the way Sheila discusses the need for Christian teaching to center around men figuring out what the clitoris is and Casey asks Sheila how it became common to sanctify being an asshole, we discuss much better resources for understanding sexuality and marriage and how the Evangelical obsession with static gender roles protects those with power….because every conversation has both political and theological consequences, particularly when we talk about sex!  Order the book here ***Like the show? Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts!!!*** Promo Music by Orbach Theme Music by Small Fish: Support the show: Follow Casey's work: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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