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“Theology is political language. What people think about God, Jesus Christ, and the church cannot be separated from their own social and political status in a society.” James Cone’s words from 1969 still resonate today. 

The Public Theologians podcast is a conversation with activists, academics, abolitionists and more whose faith compels them to push back against the status quo and work together for a new vision for the future.

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rebroadcast: Daniel K Williams – Abortion, Right, Left and the Politics of the Cross Public Theologians

Dr. Daniel Williams, Professor of History at the University of West Georgia and author of several books including Defenders of the Unborn: The Pro-Life Movement Before Roe v. Wade and the recently released The Politics of the Cross: A Christian Alternative to Partisanship joins Casey to discuss the recent Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) fallout from Dr. Russell Moore's leaked letter, charging leaders within the Convention of a litany of racial and sexist comments and actions. We hear from Dr. Williams on why he chooses to remain in Evangelical spaces while recognizing the need for repentance and systemic change.  We also discuss the historical context of the abortion conversation, why Republicans were pro-choice pre-Roe, why Liberals and Leftists alike were largely pro-life at the time. The historical lessons, as always are instructive to addressing both the political and the moral ramifications of the questions today.  We also discuss why a better approach would be to offer substantive policies (one might even call them "concrete" or "material") instead of slogans and false promises offered each election.  Mentioned in this Episode: ***Like the show? Rate and review us on Apple Podcasts!!!*** Promo Music by Orbach Theme Music by Small Fish: Support the show: Follow Casey's work:
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