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“Theology is political language. What people think about God, Jesus Christ, and the church cannot be separated from their own social and political status in a society.” James Cone wrote these words in 1969 and the words resonate today. 

The Public Theologians podcast is a conversation with activists, academics, abolitionists and more whose faith compels them to push back against the status quo and work together for a new vision for the future.

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Obery Hendricks – Political Docetism in the Leadup to the Iraq War Public Theologians

Dr. Obery Hendricks Jr. joins Casey for a second episode. This time around we discuss the leadup to the War in Iraq, beginning in 2003. Public leaders of the evangelical church…didn't have much to say about it at the time and haven't said much about it since. We dig into the details of Bush's lies, and the political docetism that allows theological abdication of prophetic responsibilities.  We also talk about what it would mean for the church (and particularly her leaders) to begin to take the political nature of Jesus' ministry seriously again. Order Christians Against Christianity Order The Politics of Jesus  Follow Casey's Substack Rate/Review on Apple Podcasts Support us on Patreon and win a book! Music: Orbach Art: Phil Nellis
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  5. Brian Stiltner – War on Afghanistan and How Christians Can Help Avoid the Next Immoral Invasion
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