Six Excellent Kids Books to Replace Your Cancelled Dr. Seuss Books

Now, I am not a professional educator. I am not a civil liberties lawyer, nor am I particularly convinced that children should receive the blatantly racist messages of bygone eras to protect a dead author’s work. When the book burning commence I suppose I shall have to admit I was wrong. But til then, I can share what I do know.

What I am is a theologian, a leftist, and, most relevantly to this conversation, a stay at home dad. At this point in my life, I read an absurd amount of children’s books to my girls (ages 2 and 5 as of this writing). And so I do have a particular lens, even when I am reading to my children (which is roughly 5,629,340 hours per week).

And so I can help! You recently lost six books out of your library, you say? Here are six to replace them: